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By: 010351 February 28, 2020

Copy.ai has discovered how to make marketing easier for everyone. Now anyone can blog with the world's most advanced artificial intelligence copywriter that enables you to create marketing copy in seconds!

Marketing made easier. Now you can Blog Smarter.

How important is a blog today? Copy.ai makes it easier to blog and simple to write it makes blogging so much faster. Say goodbye to boring blog post with witty copy, Copy.Ai. Copy.Ai is a blog post generator, for your blog posts. Web intelligence at it's finest. Use copy.ai to blog and boost your traffic. We needed a better way to be heard and now you can have that with Copy.ai, Forget the competition try Copy.ai. Get your story written and post so much quicker and rank your page higher. (blog +short_url+Copy.Ai= Success.

Contact me If you have any questions.

I will add new items daily free to download each week and if you have a request or need any help installing or using feel free to contact me .

I am going to add free art and photoshop layer styles and brushes actions to the site. All art I will give is my own and you have full permission to use it however you want no charge. I will get it up this week also I will add more fonts all fonts I added you can download the zip files I suggest you use upload fonts with Canva design with Canva and after move your .png or .svg to photoshop for final layer styles etc. It is easier for to work with if you have not used either before. I use Airtable to build try it for free you can build apps in no time .

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I really liked the functionality of your website. For a new business owner, your team have made the site highly user friendly. I think you truly have a great product. Many thanks for your time and consideration.

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