Best New Construction Safety Gear for 2023

Staying safe on a job site requires constant effort. Folks who want to go to work, do their jobs and return home free of injury (or without hurting someone else) take safety seriously. That extends from their day-to-day practices to the equipment they choose.

This guide will highlight some of the best new construction safety gear for these hard workers.

Comfortable Head Protection

Hard hats became mandatory on many job sites in 1970. Most construction workers spend their whole day in a hard hat, making comfort, airflow and design extremely important for keeping the wearer safe.

Klein Tools Vented, Full-Brim Hard Hat, with a light for working in dark spaces, is one of the best on the market. It features a comfortable foam-padded suspension system and a click-to-adjust headband for a comfortable fit. It also has built-in vents to promote airflow when open, or keep out rain and snow when closed.

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Tech-Friendly Work Gloves

All construction pros need a handy pair of high-quality work gloves. Whether it’s for absorbing vibration or maintaining a non-slip grip, gloves that protect while allowing finger mobility combine dexterity with safety.

Vgo’s Heavy-Duty Work Gloves are certainly worth a shot. This gloves are packed with features, like impact-absorbing knuckles and hand padding. The terrycloth fabric on the back of the thumb is ideal for wiping sweat. And the touchscreen-compatible fingertips allow to access their phones or tablets while keeping their hands safe.

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Fully-Enclosed Safety Goggles

Safety goggles shield the user’s eyes from flying debris. They’re required on most job sites, so having a reliable, comfortable pair is always a good idea.

DeWalt blended comfort and functionality with the Concealer safety goggles. The one-piece lens meets safety requirements, protects against UV rays and fights fogging.

The soft rubber face gasket provides comfort while preventing debris from entering from under, over or the sides of the goggles. The adjustable elastic headband keeps them in place.

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Hearing Protection and Entertainment

It’s no secret that construction projects can be loud, and prolonged exposure to loud noises can damage hearing. Earplugs and muff-style hearing protection are absolute job site necessities.

Isotunes protects construction workers’ hearing while providing a little entertainment with its Free 2.0 earbuds. These cordless earplug-headphone hybrids reduce ambient noise by 25 decibels (dB). They’re also Bluetooth capable so users can listen to their favorite music or podcast at work.

These Isotunes can even cancel noises in loud environments so users can take phone calls at work.

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Visibility and Storage from One Vest

To work safely around heavy machinery, crews need to make sure those equipment operators can see them. High visibility gear is a critical component, and vests come in bright colors with reflective striping so workers stands out.

The A-Safety High Visibility Vest is up for the task. It comes in 19 color combinations, each featuring wide, reflective striping. There are plenty of pockets, including those for a phone and a flashlight, and two on the side for plenty of storage. All seams are reinforced at stress points as well.

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Knee Injury Prevention

Construction is among the most physically taxing occupations. It often involves kneeling and working on one’s knees for an extended period, and this can lead to injuries from pressure, wear and tear. Knee pads are the most common solution, and many construction workers rely on theirs to keep their knees feeling fresh.

The ToughBuilt GelFit Stabilizer Knee Pads aim to reduce the risk of injury altogether. This set features a pro-grade gel and foam combination to cradle the knee and upper shin safely.

It also offers a stable, flat platform on the front of each pad that acts as a base when kneeling. This can prevent slipping, twisting, and other dangers associated with working on your knees. They’re rugged enough for indoor and outdoor use.

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Safety-Focused Footwear

Besides the hard hat, is there an item more synonymous with construction than the work boot? A sturdy pair of work boots protects feet from falling objects, slips, heat, cold and any number of other workplace hazards. They can make all the difference.

The Keen Utility Cincinnati is a lightweight leather boot with a standard, classic moccasin-toe design. They features a carbon toe that protects feet without conducting electricity. They’re also waterproof but breathable, thanks to chemical-resistant leather. The outsoles are non-slip, while the insoles and midsoles work together to provide all-day cushion and support.

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