End The Summer In Style: Build Your Own WaterPark.

Here is your chance to make this summer the most fun and exciting one yet. Whether you are planning a community-building BBQ festival, a romantic sunset watching party on the beach, or an end of summer cocktail soiree, it’s time to get creative. Start by designing the waterpark of your dreams.

Throw an end of summer party like no other with a waterpark you build yourself this is also great for fundraising perfect for family reunions and family getaways. You can earn your initial cost by start a small business by renting out these items for parties. We will start off with a simple Floating platform that everyone should own. I Love this float and this is one item I will never regret buying I had tried a cheaper version but only to disappointed the the driftsun I have never had an Issue with and it’s very easy to store when you get out of lake or pool It hold 4 adults with no issues and is the perfect place to layout and catch a great tan and to lounge around just toss out the boat and everyone can hang with friends in the water it’s like your own little private island.

The Driftsun Oasis Dock

 Lounge in Water With DriftSun Oasis Dock .The Driftsun Oasis Dock 

Float. Relax. Enjoy the view. The Driftsun Oasis Dock is an inflatable floating platform that’s built to take on the lake, river or ocean. The sturdy platform gives you a seat to kick back, relax and take in the sights while keeping you above water no matter how choppy things get. With D-ring tie-offs at each corner, you do not have to worry about your float drifting away from you! Stows easily in closet or garage rafters. 


  • Inflated Dimensions: 15′ ft. x 6.5’ ft x 6” in 
  • Water Hammock Dimensions 4’ ft x 6’ ft x 2’ ft 
  • Deflated Dimensions: 36” x 15” x 16″ 
  • Board Weight: 62 lbs. 
  • Recommended Weight Limit: 1,100 lbs. 


  • Anchor D-Rings  
  • Soft Neoprene Handles on all Sides 
  • Dual valves for Quick Inflation 
  • Compact storage and transport 
  • Water Hammock 
  • Convenient Carry Strap 
  • High Pressure / High Volume Pump for Quick and Easy Inflation  
  • Durable Layered Drop Stitch PVC 

AQUAGLIDE Velocity Slide 10.0 – Floating Slide 

Everyone can Have a blast on this inflatable slide. This water Slide experience will blow your mind  it alsoo offers a place to chill take a break between slides in our shaded relaxing area. 
INFLATABLE WATERSLIDE: Can Hold : 4 People. Warranty: Limited 3 year. Dimensions: L 20.8′ x W 9′ x H 9.58′. Min. Water Depth: 8′. Duratex reinforced construction with three-layer seams provide max slide velocity and years of worry-free use.

Built for slide fast, the Lugeway 20 give users opportunity to run to slide all the way across or works as a Connector walkway to other features. This 20-foot straightaway challenges users and adds diversity to any aquapark layout. The Lugeway 20 connects at both pieces using Vario straps and fits any Aquaglide Aquapark Series configuration.

AQUAGLIDE Velocity Slide 10.0 – Floating Slide 

The Amazing Floating Water Park Will Change the Way You Think About Beach Vacations! The Velocity Slide is a three-sided inflatable water slide that gives you the opportunity to ride faster and splash harder. Three different sides of this high-velocity inflatable water slide allows for hours of fun. Use it at a birthday party or social gathering for maximum interaction between crowd members. 

Celebrate summer in style with the 10.0 Slide! This fun filled tube features an inside ladder climbing wall and a ten-foot-tall drop zone that will have adrenaline pulsing. 

AQUAGLIDE Axis Water Totter

Something new to try at the lake this year? The Axis Rocker is like a mini-wave machine that lets you surf and bobble in deeper water. Or build a tower of kids! to last, the Axis Rocker is perfect for outdoor activity in all types of weather. Its stable design will hold up to the challenges of summer and still allow for safe, fun play during winter months. Designed with four riders in mind, the Axis Rocker is an excellent choice for schools and centres with limited square footage.

AQUAGLIDE Recoil Tramp- Inflatable AquaPark Trampoline with C- Deck, 17′,

These huge water park accessories are just as durable as they are fun! With the commercial grade quality materials, there is no better way to bring a natural and exciting adventure to your facility. Take a break from the monotonous grind with our new floating resort. Create miles of fun with our innovative water park maze. The kids will have a blast and your resort will be the talk of the town.

AQUAGLIDE Loki Corner Inflatable Water Slide with Cave

Introducing the dual entry Loki Corner . To celebrate its unique design and the immense popularity of this non-linear slide in all its center positions, Splashtastic is now offering the Loki Corner with 3 angled ladder walls and 4 repeater climbing lines.

AQUAGLIDE Launch Bag – Inflatable Lake Jump Air Bag

Fly High: This Water Launch Bag quickly becomes the life of any water party by using the forces of gravity and air pressure to hurl you up into the air and down for a splash-landing. This inflatable water ride Is a classic and always A great time!

Aquaglide Summit Express Inflatable Floating Waterslide
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