Every Summer Party Needs Giant Jenga for the Ultimate Backyard Game

You’ve planned the food and decorations for your outdoor party, but what about the backyard games? We’ve got a unique suggestion to delight your guests—giant Jenga. Both kids and adults will love this jumbo version of the classic block-stacking game that requires physical and mental skills.

What is Giant Jenga?

Jenga is a wooden block stacking game normally played on a tabletop. Giant Jenga is the super-sized version that’s fun for playing outdoors. Players take turns removing a block from the tower and balancing it on top of the rest of the blocks, creating a taller and increasingly unstable structure as the game progresses. Here’s what to expect from this popular game:

If you’ve played classic Jenga, you know the nail-biting feeling as the tower starts to teeter. With giant Jenga, the stakes are even higher! The 54 wooden pieces start at 26 inches high, but as the game is played, it can stack to over 5 feet tall. Can you imagine that kind of epic crash when the structure inevitably falls? You might want to play the game on the lawn so that crash won’t be as noisy.

Although there are other sizable building block games out there, this one is actually from the Jenga brand, so you know you’re getting quality.

Product Features

54 precision-crafted hardwood 7-inch blocks
Starts at 26 inches high, but can build to over 5 feet tall
Comes with a heavy-duty carry bag
Designed for ages 12 and up
Play alone or with up to 8 players

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How to Use Giant Jenga

To set up giant Jenga, line three wooden pieces up next to each other, then line up another three pieces and turn them opposite the first set. Keep this pattern going until you’ve used up all of the pieces to create a wow-worthy tower. Then, it’s time for the anticipation.

When it’s your turn, the pressure is on! You must select the right wooden piece that can be transferred from its location to the top of the tower—without causing the whole thing to fall.

Giant Jenga makes the game even more entertaining to both play and watch because the larger size increases the intensity. The hardwood blocks have a nice weight to them and, although the tower will fall eventually, it feels nice and sturdy in the beginning (and may cause the game to last longer). The pieces are sanded smooth, helping them slide smoothly during gameplay—no splinters here! Plus, even kids can play this game, so it’s truly one the whole family can enjoy. When the fun is over, the convenient carry bag protects the pieces and allows the large game to be tucked away for storage.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

You have to admit that giant Jenga looks fun, but does it live up to the hype? Check out what real-life reviewers had to say:

Verified purchaser, Marge, says, “This has been a hit at every backyard event we’ve had. Every age group gets involved! It’s a riot when it finally comes toppling down!”

“I really love it. We took it camping with us and during our downtimes we played it often,” shares five-star reviewer, Santi. “The pieces are very sturdy, and it comes in a large carrying bag. Over $100 is a little pricey I think, but it’s still worth it, and I bought a second set for my camping buddy after our trip.”

“This is a seriously fun game to play with a large group. A friend brought it for New Year’s, and we had 10 people playing, and then five more showed up and joined right in,” says Sheri, another five-star reviewer.

Where to Buy Giant Jenga

At about $170, giant Jenga is not exactly cheap. But reviewers agree they’re happy to pay the price due to the high quality (and how fun it is!). It’s available on Amazon, and don’t be surprised if you have friends or family members asking you for the link!

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