Brush off the loose stuff

First, decide if you feel comfortable climbing on your roof with a harness, rope, carabiner and shunt. If this sounds like too much of a production, that’s OK — hire a roofing professional to remove your moss. Otherwise, proceed as follows. Pro tip: Enlist a helper nearby on the ground who can keep an eye on you and call for help if needed.
Choose a ladder tall enough to reach your roof comfortably, and set it up correctly and safely. If your home is single-story, or you’ve only got moss near your eaves, a tall painter’s ladder may be sufficient. A taller roof will require the gear mentioned above — a climbing harness with a rope securely tied to something solid on the ground, opposite the side of the roof you’re working on. I usually tie my rope around the base of a stout tree.
Use a long-handled push broom to carefully brush off any loose chunks of moss and lichen. Don’t be too aggressive or you could damage the shingles.
Relocate the ladder as needed to reach different areas of your roof, or use your rope and harness to walk/climb to different spots as needed.

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