Quiet luxury, stealth wealth, anti-viral—you’ve probably heard these terms being thrown around a lot recently, especially if you’re an avid Who What Wear reader. But no matter what you call it, there’s an undeniable shift happening right now from excess to nondescript, anonymous style. “Quiet luxury” is both a class of anti-logo designer goods as we’ve reported on but it’s also defined by a full-blown aesthetic that places an emphasis on superior quality, detailed craftsmanship, and the kind of classic, timeless style that makes luxury clothing a worthwhile investment.

As for where you might find these kinds of high-end wardrobe foundations, well, I just stumbled upon a treasure trove of them. This year, I made it my mission to shop for new clothing items with a “fewer, but better” mindset, so when I had the chance to discover the maker of superb essentials Brochu Walker at their L.A. HQ last month, I was instantly curious to learn more. The name is derived from its founding designers Lisa Brochu and Lauren Walker but has operated with owner and CEO Karine Dubner at the helm since 2013. Known for its cloud-like cashmere and an effortless Californian style, Brochu Walker has been a mainstay at retailers like Shopbop and Saks Fifth Avenue but its quality is the kind that’s hard to fully grasp without experiencing IRL. 

I had the pleasure of test-driving six of its elevated essentials and after feeling the fabrics and experiencing the fit, all I have to say is wow. Ahead, see how I’m styling six of the best Brochu Walker basics and get inspired by the quiet-luxury outfits I put together with each. 

I can’t even begin to describe the level of soft that this cashmere knit was. Considering how lightweight and thin the fabric is, I was absolutely shocked to feel how nice the quality was, although I probably shouldn’t have been that taken aback since it’s made from 100% cashmere and Responsible Wool Certified (RWS), traceable yarn. The brand takes its fabrics and materials seriously and sourcing them can be a months-long process, I learned. Fabric aside, I loved the versatile shape of this knit that you could wear off one shoulder like I did here, off both, or as a boatneck top. Its slouchy shape was the perfect antidote to structured straight-leg denim and classic accessories.

At this point, I should be a button-down shirt connoisseur because I’ve tried my hand at countless styles and yet was still impressed with the Everyday Shirt I tried on from Brochu Walker. Its cotton-focused fabric means its soft but sturdy without that crispy feeling you get from poplin blends. I took my true size here and styled it both unbuttoned as a jacket and tucked in, but if you’re going for an oversized look, I’d suggest sizing up.

Did I just stumble upon the perfect LBD? Why, yes, I think I did. Without realizing it, I’d been overlooking such a wardrobe nonnegotiable without even realizing it, so when I slipped into the dress version of the Lori sweater from above, I simply didn’t want to take it off. It has all the coziness of your favorite lived-in sweater and somehow all the sultriness of the perfect LBD, so when I say it’s the elite staple, I really mean it. I belted it and threw on a pair of heeled sandals but otherwise kept things minimal because the shape speaks for itself.

Sitting at the perfect intersection of preppy style and quiet luxury is this layered-looking sweater that gives the illusion of a button-down shirt underneath a pullover. Most built-in layering can come off looking cheesy, but I was impressed with how stealth this one was—you’d really never know.

Slip dresses are another one of those items that you might think you can just go and pick up from anywhere. Let me tell you that’s not entirely accurate. The fit and fabric are crucial to a great slip dress moment, and the one I tried from Brochu Walker definitely fit the bill with its liquid-looking satin that was a total dream to wear. I threw on a boxy blazer and simple flats for an easy look that could go from day to night without much styling.

Easy and effortless aren’t the words I’d normally use to describe a leather skirt. Sleek and edgy would otherwise come to mind, but I have to say that their version of a faux-leather skirt is strikingly in step with the brand’s style DNA. It certainly looks like a cool piece from afar, but was secretly one of the more comfy skirts I’ve ever tried on thanks to elements like its drawstring waistband and soft, supple faux leather.

I also had the pleasure of experiencing the brand’s foray into fragrance with their debut scent, Morning Light, a bright and airy scent that transported me instantly to the South of France with its notes of bergamot, lavender, and amber musks.

This is made from thick fabric that won’t show anything underneath it.

Cool knits are key to the quiet-luxury summer aesthetic.

Timeless and chic.

Into this layered look.

I think everyone needs a classic navy sweater in their wardrobes.

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