Moms Will Love Anything You Buy Them, But These 42 Things Will Really Impress

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that I low-key live for. Quality time with your favorite family members is key. Plus when it involves putting on a pretty floral dress and making a brunch reservation, I’m in. Even if you’re only able to celebrate Mother’s Day virtually, I insist that you find a way to treat her to a FaceTime call and maybe even a special gift that she won’t see coming.

My Mom is the type of person who would be happy even to receive a tiny candle. This gives me more of a reason to find a way to surprise her somehow and this year, I want to pull out all of the stops. After a lot of brainstorming, I came up with a whopping list of 42 items I’m considering getting for her. I’m no gatekeeper so shop with me below for a gift that is guaranteed to impress your Mom.

Pick out a dress for her to wear on Mother’s Day and she’ll thank you over and over.

Any Mom would love to receive this. Also, Anthropologie is having a Mother’s Day sale through 5/2—20% off gifts, entertainment, and select styles.

Take any workout she does to the next level.

This fragrance has been in my collection for years and is totally worth the splurge. Introduce your Mom to it and she’ll love you forever.

You have no idea how warm and cozy this candle is until you smell it for yourself.

You truly can never go wrong with flowers and this bouquet comes with the added bonus of a very cute bracelet by Roxanne Assoulin.

After seeing the 200+ 5-star reviews, I had to try this piece for myself. It’s been the centerpiece of my home ever since so I’m calling it the easiest gifts for Mom.

I dare you to find a cuter bag. I’ll wait. 

My Mom has been raving about her sunrise alarm clock so I’m telling everyone to buy it for their Mom too.

For the Mom that wants that very specific it-bag but on a budget.

Carrying rose quartz wherever I go has done wonders for my self-love journey, I swear by it. Gift it to your Mom with an added bonus. 10% of the sales in the Saks Fifth Avenue wellness guide curated by Brittany Peltz will benefit the pediatric ICU at New York Presbyterian so get on it. Just add the donation code NYPMOM at checkout.

Think of this as a Chanel bag in a bottle.

My Mom just found out that skinny jeans aren’t cool anymore so I’m pointing her in this direction.

The latest coffee table book that I’m insisting everyone buys.

This skincare product is the ultimate self-care experience. A cleanser and face mask in one, your Mom will want to use it every single night.

Hand sanitizer shouldn’t be a sticky experience, she’ll love this.

This blazer is a Who What Wear reader favorite so I highly suggest it.

Your Mom will quickly learn why everyone has this.

This might just be the best luxury wardrobe staple you can buy right now and it’s all in the details.

Limited edition Diptyque candles sell fast so order this one for her ASAP and she’ll brag about it to her friends.

Who wouldn’t want to receive diamond studs?

I have a feeling she’ll love the versatility of these jeans.

This viral luxury buy is worth the splurge.

This hair mist is having its moment right now and for good reason. It smells heavenly.

Yet another bag that looks like it should be designer.

A pair of shoes that your Mom will want to wear for every event on her calendar from now on.

If transformative skincare is her thing, you can’t go wrong with a C E Ferulic restock.

She’s not a regular Mom, she’s a cool Mom.

These waterproof loafers are built for a spring wardrobe.

Pink hearts all around.

Colorblocking at it’s finest.

These loafers are so luxe.

For the trendy Mom.

The perfect base for everything from a full-beat to a no-makeup day.

I can so see this in a cool Mom’s closet.

So lovely.

Introducing TikTok viral products to her is always a good idea.

These are just classic and cool.

I have a feeling she’ll want to get her hands on this bag.

So yummy.

Just wow.

A top your Mom is guaranteed to actually wear.

Because she deserves a very special treat.

That rose!

If handbags are your Mom’s thing, consider gifting here one of the 7 handbags that a collector swears by.

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