With summer right around the corner, it’s gotten me thinking that it’s time to upgrade my list of go to summer nail colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pool time blue shade or classic pretty color like pink more than anyone, but it also doesn’t hurt to keep things fresh by adding some more nuanced hues to the mix. I decided to DM a few of my favorite nail artists to get the scoop on what nail colors they know we’ll see more of in the warmer months. The shades they shared look good on their own or when paired with an on-trend design. Keep reading—celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein and LeChat Nails brand educator Hemi Park had a lot to share. 

Park foresees pinks making an appearance in a big way this summer—whether they’re bright and bold or soft and muted. “As seen in Barbiecore moments in the fashion trends, pinks are definitely going to be playing a huge part of summer nail trends as well,” she says. For starters, this softer shade of bubble gum pink is about to take over. “[It’s] slightly muted for those who are wanting to go pink, but not adventurous enough to try Barbie shades. It’s creamy and lightly textured, and it is literally the perfect base color for anyone who wants to try Hailey Bieber’s glazed nails. If you haven’t jumped on the trend yet, this is a must try!”

For those feeling a little more bold, Park says magenta is the shade to try this summer—especially if you’re interested in trying trends like jelly nails. “Jelly nails are always so popular in summer, and this year there’s no exception,” Park explains. “The only difference from past years will be that these sheer, clear colors will be more playful than ever. “[LeChat’s] hot magenta pink jelly color has a very deep pink base with a touch of purple. What is great about this particular shade is that it can be layered to deepen the depth to create a patent leather look with a high gloss top coat, or one coat can be applied to vibe together with Y2K-inspired jewelry. I would recommend wearing hot magenta jelly nails over longer, almond shaped nails to complete your Barbiecore dream moment.”

Vacay-ready beach nails are out, but coastal metallics are in for summer,” says Park. “Nothing reminds me of summer more than deep oceanic blue shades, and what would be more perfect than deep blue-toned metallics?”

Park specifically loves LeChat’s shade Metallux Siren Song for creating Mermaidcore nails. “This very thin, liquid-chrome-textured, multi-effect shade is everything that reminds you of mermaid colors. A mix of deep and silvery blue with a hint of green and purple glaze through under different lighting, and the name couldn’t be more perfect to describe the shade. I recommend this color on any shape of nails, but especially on short nails and toenails to shine those clean cut shorties without messy chrome application.”

Gerstein predicts that a variety of yellow shades will be popular for the summer months. “From a neon [yellow] to vanilla [yellow], you can’t get it wrong. It’s a happy kind of feeling [and] color and we’re all looking forward to brightness,” she shares. Her sunny yellow color of choice this season comes courtesy of Gelish and Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Whether you like a simple pearlescent chrome look or more of a neon chrome, Gerstein says these types of nail shades will continue to reign supreme as we move into summer. “Any color chromes such as bright neons [will be big]. It’s more about texture than color, with 3D effects being really big and chromes give colors a new kind of feel. Pearls are big as well.”

I’m definitely counting on electric shades of purple being everywhere for summer. I may or may not have gotten this idea after spotting Margot Robbie’s gorgeous purple mani at Chanel’s recent cruise show. Although lavender shades are always extra pretty, the deeper, bolder shade seen above almost leans blue—and I  completely love it.

Delicious cherry red is a nail color I just can’t quit. Sure, it’s typically more of a formal or glamorous shade, but it feels just right for summer with a neutral design accent or a negative space design like the one pictured above.

Soft and muted pastels are gorgeous year-round, but seafoam green in particular is a teal-green shade you won’t want to skip this summer. It makes a statement without being too harsh and looks great with any vacation outfit.

Colorful tips are such a fun way to jazz up an otherwise classic white French manicure and folks are catching on. I’ve seen a ton of nail artists rocking rainbow-hued French tips recently—they even add a design or two to give it an edge. Make your own French tips summer-ready by incorporating brighter colors like blue, purple, pink, yellow, or green.

I love this almost reddish shade of orange—it reminds me of a juicy tangerine in the best way possible. What else screams summer than a bold, fruity shade like this?

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